Why become a member of Alumni


"Education has its objective. The formation of character... Herbert Spenser"


Whatever name we have for ourselves, it is due to our formal and informal education imparted by our Educational Institutions. In today’s ‘fast forward mode’ we seldom have time to look back and ponder on this mundane issue. First studying hard, struggling for job, getting married, having children and then getting very busy or old to remember to go back the memory lane. It is for such reason the Alumni Association can help us pay our gratitude to our Alma Mater. HISCAAN has been established for these purposes. One need not be physically present on all occasions, today we have the fastest communication system to be in touch with our College and amongst the members.

The purpose of the HISCAAN is to foster the continued relationship between the Ex- staff and students of Hislop College.

  • Promote fellowship and loyalty between the College and its alumni;
  • Enhance the reputation of the College of Education through recognition of alumni accomplishments;
  • Promote the professional development of Association members;
  • Cooperate in fostering a spirit of fraternalism and loyalty among the, former students, faculty, administration, and friends of the College;
  • Engage in other activities that are consistent with the objectives of the Association.

The HISCAAN will seek your help no matter howsoever small it may be to become a member of the Alumni (HISCAAN).