Selected memoralgia worth reading

Name : Dr. Ravi Wankhede

Class :

Year : 1993

Memoralgia : When my son Gautam passed the Xth examination from Bhavan’s School, I took him to Hislop College for admission in the XIth class Junior College. His ambition was to become a doctor after passing Class XIIth.

I was standing with him in a line to purchase the application form which was quite long. I just happen to see Dr. M.E. Singh the Principal who had taught me Chemistry when I was studying in Hislop College. She recognized me and came to me to know the purpose of purchasing the application form. When I told her it was for my son, she immediately asked me to come out of the queue. I told her that I would see her in her office as soon as I get the application form. She said and I quote “you are my pupil, so your son is my grand pupil. How can I see my grandson in a line? I was overwhelmed by her  sentence and could not go against her desire. We followed her  to her office. Inspite of her occupancy she asked the chaprasi to get a application form. Till then she asked for a cup of tea for all of us. After having tea we filled the form sitting elated in her cozy office we paid the necessary fees which was deposited by the Chaprasi to the cashier. In about 10 minutes my son was admitted in the Hislop College. When Ms. Singh came to know that my son was aspiring to be a doctor, she told me she will personally be looking after him in the College. With her guidance Gautam passed with good grades and could get admission in Government Medical College in 1995.