Presidents Speech

In the last year or so, we all decided to make good the loss and bring the Alumni to a known status. Our first project was to resurrect the memory of Rev. Stephen Hislop by making of a bust of the great soul. The bust was ready. Although I had conceived the idea the bust had to be well positioned for all times. This required professional work and ofcourse monetary contribution. The Executive Committee members graciously agreed to bear the expenses, not only of the bust but also the civil work. Here I must admit the contribution of Anil Agarwala (well known for his penchant for aesthetic work) who designed the layout of the made it possible to give a magnificent look to the College entrance. The additional work required extra funds, which was very graciously contributed by Dr. Prakash K.Jain a well known philanthropic person and a member of HISCAAN. The bust is now installed at the entrance of the College. Friends if you have not visited the college lately do have a look at it. It proudly bears the name of the Alumni’s contribution.

The website for the alumni explains many things. Please do visit the website as often as possible. It will showcase our activities and projects we undertake. It will have a link for History of the college, well known alumnus, Face book and I wish to invite some interesting nostalgia of the alumnus worth sharing by all of us. Hislopians wanting to become members could download application form or send an email for any query.

Charity: Alumni the world over participate in some sort of charity connected with the Institution. I had in my commitment to the College management informed that as many alumnus would adopt atleast one student who is financially weak but willing to put hard work in the academics. The members would bear the annual fees which is it is very nominal amounting to about Rs.5,000/-. We hope to start this charity in the academic year 2013-14. I will request you to join in this noble mission. Our well know alumnus Vikash Khurana is planning to put up stage shows to raise funds for our activities. There are several Committee members (see link), who I will want to co-operate in their respective allocations. If there is anybody else who could take a lead in organizing shows, get togethers, etc please do get in touch with me.

Membership drive: Please ask your batch mates, friends and colleagues and ofcourse your children who have been associated with the College to become members of the HISCAAN. I think the alumni can have country-wise membership too. Those of you out of India, should make an endeavor in this direction. I will solicit any constructive suggestions and advice to make the HISCAAN worth its name. Please do not hesitate to write to me.

Yours truly,


Sqn Ldr (Dr) Ravi Wankhede