Hislop College Alumni Association Hislop College 1883

Dear HISAANian’s. I have the privilege to deliver my thoughts through this wonderful medium called Internet. First of all my greetings to all Ex-Hislopians which includes the staff and the students of this the oldest and most Venerable Institution of the region. Founded in 1883 at the Mahal area, Nagpur. It had a staff of One Principal, Rev. J.G. Cooper and six professors. The Institution is now150 years old. Many of us may not be knowing about the history of our College. I suggest you read it in the “History of the College’ link. I am sure you would feel proud to be associated with the great Institution.

I was literally made to occupy the Chair of the President by the late Dr. Ashish Bhelwa the 13th Principal of the College. So were the Executive members who were hand chosen by him, all dynamic personalities of our town. Unfortunately we lost this young and dynamic personality very shortly. Due to administrative reasons the Alumni went dormant.

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Chairperson & Principal
Dr.(Ms) Dipti Christian
Office bearers
Mr. Nikhil Tarkunde President
Mr.Sukumar Adhikari Vice-President
Mr. Dinesh Chhabra Vice-President
Mrs. Shilpa Jaitha Secretary
Mrs. Rina Sinha Jt.Secretary
Mr. Vijay Naidu Jt.Secretary
Dr.Jayant M. Ranade Treasurer
Sq. Ldr. Dr. Ravi Wankhede Executive Member & Immediate Past President
Executive members
Adv. Sudhir Puranik
Adv. Mukesh Samarth
Mr. Suresh Malhotra
Mr. Kishor Thutheja
Mr. Shyam Daulatani
Mr. Anil Agrawal
Mr. Amit Parekh
Mrs. Neena Parekh
Mr. Pankaj Chokhani
Co-opted members
Dr. Mrs. D. Jamwal
Dr. Mrs. M. Bhowal

Complete list of Members